Tonight we held our first Fresh Class for an incredible group of 10 women at our house. And oh my gosh did Kim and I have fun! The last person left just about 11pm! We had so much fun teaching these women about their cameras and although we had a few first class glitches (like not enough chairs, no cork screw, not knowing how to work all the cameras, etc) it went pretty smooth I think!

Especially considering that it poured down rain for most of the time so we couldn’t do all of our assignments or take shoot breaks. AND considering I was coming home from the ER late this afternoon after Gray fell head first at our church play ground today! An hour and a half before people started arriving! He’s fine, they just had to clean out the gravel and glue the little+deep cut back together! Never a dull moment huh? HA!

So most of the time Kim and I talked. But then as the rain let up we went outside and while we were teaching, Kim and I passed my camera around so we could get some shots…

I wish I could tell you more about it… but I guess you’ll have to sign up to find out more!

BUT watch the blog b/c in about a month or so we’re having a CONTEST with all the women that came tonight! We’re so excited to see what they do this month! We can’t wait!

Thanks to all the ladies who came from near and FAR (we had two women come in from Jeff City! A few hours away!)… it was awesome to spend the night with you chatting about our LOVE of photography!