The stomach flu hit me like a truck yesterday. I was sitting in church when all of a sudden I couldn’t stand up my stomach hurt so badly. My mom let me sneak out and head home where I got straight in bed and didn’t get out until this morning. It was awful. Fever and chills and headache and a horrible stomach ache but I never threw up… even though there were several times I just wished I could have to help make it go away faster! I was such a wimp! It only lasted 24 hours and today I feel better, just still really weak, tired and still cold. I just can’t warm up so I have sweats on and my space heater at my feet as I work. I think I might still have a low grade fever based on my chills and headache but I’ve been too lazy to take my temp!

A big thanks to my clients that let me reschedule yesterday and today!

Speaking of great clients… this sweet family was a joy on a chilly morning! Sweet kids at crazy-hard ages to photograph! Babies and toddlers aren’t in the category of “look at the camera and smile” but I love capturing them running and giggling and just being themselves! You have lots of years for that perfect family photo… enjoy these not-so perfect moments while you can have them! Soon enough our kids won’t be small enough to fit in our arms for a cuddle or be light enough to toss in the air. I’m not sure what people expect when they have young kids and book a family photo session… if they’re hoping for perfection or reality! HA! I love reality. Capturing each family as they are NOW and what family is ever perfect?

Although these two sweet faces are pretty darn close! Thanks Freshour family!