The sweet family had the HARDEST time getting their session done! It was supposed to be a maternity session celebrating the last of them being a family of three. But their little man was just NOT in the mood for photos so we had to call it quits… turned out he had strep! Poor guy! So we rescheduled but then she had the baby early! So we rescheduled again but I got the stomach flu! Turns out, the fourth time’s the charm!

Here is the one and only maternity shot we got that day!

The rest of the images are from our morning together last week. Thanks Frey family!

This morning Kim and I had a record breaking newborn session in the studio! Just under two hours is the fastest we’ve ever gotten a studio session done I think! Then I spent a good chunk of my day at the orthopedist with Bailey who broke her foot! Ugh. Hello Monday! Luckily it’s a fracture and she just needs a boot for 4 weeks instead of a cast. A HUGE blessing! Needless to say I’m just exhausted tonight and got hardly any work done today which I just can’t afford at this point in November! Tomorrow I am sitting at my desk ALL day and not getting up!