I feel like I say this all the time, but we ADORE this family! Maureen is way more friend than client and we treat Andy more like husband than client for sure! HA! The poor guy, all of us nagging him to SMILE! He’s so great though and we only get a few eye rolls each session!

Truly, we love these guys and Maureen… I REALLY hope you love these photos!!!

Jack and Finn. You could offer me a million dollars and after a year and a half of sessions with them I still can’t tell them apart! But could they be any cuter? I mean seriously!

This was such a fun session! All we had to do to get the boys to laugh was to sneeze! HA! Once again you should have seen me behind Kim sneezing and jumping all at the same time! The next day I took a break and made Kim do the jumping!

Maureen and Andy… thanks for just another awesome day together!