This fall season for me has been filled with NEW locations and I’m LOVING it! I get bored so easily (just ask Kim! I used to drive her crazy!) and when I’m shooting so many times per week a little inspiration goes a LONG way! This week I have 14 sessions. Holy cow it’s going to be a busy one! I already warned Chris I might not be the nicest person this week due to too little sleep and too much work/stress! HA! Speaking of Chris… can you believe the sweet blog he wrote? Wow. SO undeserved and so totally my love language! The way to my heart is not through expensive gifts it’s through kind and loving words. We always have a rough fall because he’s coaching and I’m shooting so much… he’s amazing because in the midst of that he forces me to pause and reconnect with him. We had a great night with friends on Friday and a fun dinner out just the five of us after my session yesterday, some cleaning and reorganizing today and well, it was a great weekend!

Totally off course here.

SO Nicole and Chris are becoming regulars on the blog and you know I love that! Families that trust me over and over to capture them means the world to me! This time though we headed out to Bem, MO to what’s quickly becoming one of my all time favorite places on earth. It makes me want to spend a week sipping iced tea, taking naps and antiquing with April… the girl who gets to actually DO that! Along with being a mom and caring for animals and doing all the mundane life stuff but MAN does her mundane make mine look so so boring! She owns and runs Bem General, the BEST antique store around, and she let us come crash her farm for the afternoon. I will be forever grateful! AND I will be begging her to let me come crash again this spring for an entire day of mini sessions! Who wants to come?

ENJOY LaBonte Family! We ADORE you guys!

Nicole I hope you’re in love! Going through these was so much fun! And if you guys are wondering how they put together such amazing outfits? Well, Nicole is awesome at style BUT they also hired the best stylist around! Katie Mohr! Her and I are working on some really incredible things for 2013! Next year is getting me excited already! Lots of fun things ahead!

Happy new week everyone! My birthday is officially over and it’s nose to the grindstone this week… it’s going to be crazy but it’s going to be good! How can it not when I’m busy living my dream? Happy October to all of you other busy bee photographers!