Today the girls have their Halloween parade at their preschool and honestly, I am so excited! I love this kind of stuff! I can’t wait to be a room mom in their grade school classes, help decorate, plan parties, etc. This year I just got to plan their costumes… which I’ll show you AFTER the parade!

But before I run around getting me and three kids ready for their big Halloween debut I wanted to share the last crafts of this season!

The first was a SIMPLE way to make a CUTE gift! All I did was tie ribbons to one of those cheap plastic pumpkins, filled it with candy, included a handmade card from the kids and we had a cute gift for both the girl’s teachers and their pediatrician!



Super cute! And inexpensive!

The next one was a three part project which I LOVE!

First I cut black paper into little squares, put them in glass casserole dishes (8×8), dripped in some white paint and dropped in some marbles. The girls rolled them around to make SPIDER WEBS!

Once they were dry they drew a design in glue and glittered their webs…


Then we made spiders!



The next one I saw somewhere, but can’t remember… anyway, I just cut up a sponge and put paint in each part of an egg carton for the girls to paint these…


I obviously painted the tree trunk but these turned out so cute!


They were painted on card board from my photo lab! Love reusing packaging!

This one is from bailey’s preschool…


The teachers glued a pumpkin stem to a piece of foam core (using hot glue), then the kids painted them white and added google eyes to make ghosts! This is the BEFORE and I haven’t seen the AFTER yet but I thought this was a cute idea!

And then this last thing is just a random idea I had because Parker pulled down our curtain rod and we haven’t had it fixed yet! One day I decided to hang twine up and using little clothespins we’ve been hanging up pretty leaves we’ve found. This photo was taken early on and now it’s this really cool leaf curtain!


In the beginning, more than a month ago, we were just hanging the leaves up but as you can see, they curled and browned. But then I remembered the flower press my sister gave Bails for her birthday and we started using it to flatten and dry the leaves first!


It worked awesome and now we have red and yellow and green leaves hanging on our “curtain”! And the girls have LOVED finding leaves and bringing them inside! Fun for an added fall decoration! I think I’ll leave it up for a little longer!


Off to get these kids fed and ready for the parade!

Happy Friday!

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