Kim and I got to hang out with this adorable family last weekend and had so much fun! Their kids are adorable and OH MY look at Sam’s lips! He is going to have so many girls crushing on him with those eyes and lips!



Thanks guys! If we weren’t so behind I’d show you more!!! There are SO many great shots from your session!


It’s funny how I feel the day after being in the hospital. You would think I would want to spend quality time with my kids but instead all I want to do it have alone time. I want to sit at my desk all day and just work. Or fold laundry. Or something away from the whining and neediness of my children. It’s just so opposite of what I think I should want.

And if I had a sitter available I would be getting my kids dressed right now.

But instead I will take Bailey and Parker to school in a few hours, run an errand with Gray, come home to play, pick the girls up, feed them lunch and pray for time to speed by until naptime. Isn’t that terrible?

And when I come away from a super emotional day like that I also get hermit-like. Wanting to talk to no one, ignoring my phone, barely answering emails, etc. Because I guess what I really want to do is just lay in bed and sleep it off, or lay on the couch and watch a movie, or something else sloth-like.

I’ve been doing NILMDTS for over a year now and I still can’t figure out why I get to feeling this way.

But I do feel blessed to have Kim as my friend, who was there (more than me even yesterday) and just gets it. And I have crazy awesome support from my friends and family. Which is awesome.

But what I really want today is a babysitter and no todo list staring at me!

Oh to dream.

So on that super-happy-let’s-get-this-day-started attitude… GO!