Do you have a best friend? Like a really truly best friend? Someone that can see you at your darkest (or see your kid’s at their darkest which sometimes I think is harder) and never judge? Or the person you want to call when just about anything happens? Good or bad?

I am so lucky because I have a few women that I am super close to (and love) but my friend Angie is just THAT friend for me. Looking back over our friendship (which is really only about 3.5 years old) the moment that stands out to me is the day Parker started having seizures. When it started I of course called Chris first, then my mom and then my mother-in-law. Family started flooding the ER and we were so supported. But it was when Chris started to freak out and I was barely holding it all together that I called Angie and said she and Kevin had to come up NOW. And she literally dropped everything and came. They both did. To this day I’ve never even asked her what she was doing at that moment because I know it didn’t matter. (This is making me cry as I type!) They came up and she hugged me and stood by me while Kevin talked to Chris in the hallway… and my world started to feel a little more steady.

The best part of our friendship is that her husband, Kevin, is C’s best friend too. Same deal as Ang and I but on a man-level. Meaning they don’t vent about kids/husbands/work/friends/family to each other but are somehow just as close. And our girls, Bailey and Kate, are best friends too. And Kelsey will hopefully marry Gray one day. Not to leave Parker or Lauren out because when we’re all together our kids all get along and play like family. That’s what we are. Family. Somehow in less than four years this family of five has become some of the most important people in our lives.

Now that I can barely see to type I’ll show you some shots I got to take of them on a SUPER windy day a few weeks ago!