Saturday Kim and I headed about an hour outside of St. Louis to shoot the Mohr family. Not because they LIVE an hour outside of St. Louis but because on my way home from Wisconsin in January I saw a place I just knew I wanted to try using as a location… and they go along with any crazy idea we cook up!

They are so great! Seriously, one of my favorite families to photograph b/c they let us decide everything! And when we are inspired by our surroundings it makes for more creative work and a much better session in my opinion!

If all of our clients let us take them anywhere we wanted I’d be in heaven! Anyone brave enough to try the East side? HA! Lots of cool old buildings over there!

“E” is for ELLIOT!

Might be one of my all-time favorite family shots ever!

Katie and Russ always THINK about their sessions. They take time to come up with great outfits, they bring cool props, they have ideas… it is so great to work for people that GET what we do and APPRECIATE the art.

These photos of Elliot in front of his “E” are some of my favorites! The color, the faces, the GLEE! One of these need to be BIG in his room!

If you are curious about the QUESTION MARK you’ll have to head over to Katie’s blog HERE and ask her! It’s pretty cool!

And NOW. The best for last. This shot took FOREVER both to shoot and especially to edit. Almost THREE HOURS editing! OMG it was a nightmare but how cool is this?

I mean seriously! Who wouldn’t want something like this in their home?

Ok, wait, ONE MORE. One MOHR? HA!

So this photo was an accident.

We were setting up the BIG shot above and our original idea had them in the front but it didn’t work… so in this shot they were just walking away. My focus is on the field beyond them and I was exposing for the field, not them, so technically the photo is BAD. But there was just something about it that I loved when it came up for editing. LOVE. So I kept it!

As if you hadn’t guessed that this was one of our most favorite sessions! We had a blast! And not because Elliot was absolutely perfect and not because everything went off without a hitch and not because we had a ton of awesome outfit changes (HA! Katie left ALL of her extra clothes at home, an hour away!) and not because the location was everything we had hoped… but because Katie and Russ LOVE photography. So they had ideas of their own (like the crazy layered photo!) and appreciate the work it takes to get a great session. Their work on clothes, props, accessories and ideas made our job so much fun! And together I think we came up with some awesome images… that we couldn’t have done without their input!