Every Christmas break Chris becomes obsessed with putting together puzzles.

You know, those huge jigsaw puzzles your Grandpa used to do? Yeah. Those.

Well tonight we had a sitter and went to grab a quick dinner before heading to watch the Webster Groves High School boys basketball game… but on the way from dinner to the game we stopped at Target b/c we are out of diapers. And as we’re walking around (because who can go into Target and JUST get what you went there for? I mean seriously!) Chris goes, “OOOH! Let’s go see if they have any great puzzles to buy!”

And he looked like a kid walking into Disney World for the first time or something!

So we head to the games in the kid section, where I’m guessing the puzzles will be, and he excitedly starts picking out his next conquest.

He finally settles on a glow-in-the-dark scene of NYC, panoramic even, and as we’re putting it in the cart a tiny bottle on the puzzle shelf catches his eye.

Puzzle glue.

He tosses it into the cart.

“What is that for?”

“To glue my puzzles.”

Laughing: “Why do you want to glue your puzzles?”

Dead serious: “So we can hang them on the wall of our bedroom!”

Dead serious: “Ummm, I don’t think so.”


“Chris, do you seriously want to do puzzles, glue them together and then decorate our house with them? Not happening!”

He then tells me that he’ll settle for hanging them in his classroom and the laughter I was holding back (kind of) exploded at the thought of him being “that guy.” The teacher that has puzzles all over his classroom. The weird guy. That guy. You know?

He can be such a nerd but MAN do I kind of find it sexy still! HA!

So as we’re finishing our Target trip he asks if we can just skip the basketball game and go home so he can do his new puzzle! And we head home. Because I love him. And he loves his puzzles.

(taken tonight at 2000ISO)