Oh my gosh you guys. When you see the amount of photos I’m sharing I think you will understand how much I loved this session! I’ve known Kate for a few years because her oldest son was in the same preschool class with Bailey AND she lives across the street from our best friends so we see them occasionally now too even though the kids are at different schools. They are the kind of family you could hang out with all day and still want more, you know? So natural and fun and just awesome to be around. Seriously, this was just the easiest session ever. All I had to do was show up with my camera and capture them just being together! The love and laughter made my job so super simple it didn’t feel right!

Ok, enough chatter!

You might have seen some of their images when I announced the Momma Mini Sessions! I love them so much I’m sharing them again!

Thank you so much for such a sweet time at the park last week! I’m not usually a “park” kind of girl but this session might have converted me! HA!

Happy Hump Day! Halfway through this crazy week and looking forward to the weekend! And a new Grey’s tomorrow night!