(this was published on the Jodified blog today too but had to share it here because my husband is so awesome! He emailed this to me for “my birthday blog!” Thanks C!)

Happy one year anniversary blog world (and happy 31st birthday jod),

For those that do not know me, my name is Chris Allen and I am the bald man who you sometimes see chasing our kids around in pictures. One year ago today I made my entrance into the “blog world” (link here and here) and this is becoming very similar to the State of the Union or as it will now be referred to as the State of the Jod.

Well, a lot has happened in the family the past year.

Probably of most importance, in what can only be referred to as a scientific miracle, Jodie did not become pregnant the past 12 months. That means we still have three kids, same as last year, although we are actively attempting to sell the boy. For only $15 you can now claim a 2-year old who is loaded with ADHD, openly defiant, hits just about anyone who gets in his way, refuses to eat/ sleep, and who constantly has his hands down his diaper. For some reason, we have yet to receive any interest/ offers.

Bailey started kindergarten at Edgar Road school this past August and is absolutely loving it. She is surrounded with an amazing group of teachers, she is having fun, is obsessed with her awesome teacher, learns something new every day, has friends that come over for play-dates, and has just truly enjoyed an unbelievable first month and a half of school. Jodie on the other hand is not adjusting so well. She misses her first born and I think secretly is planting the seed in Bailey’s head to drop out of school. The situation needs monitoring.

Parker, is just Parker. If you don’t know her, you should. She is wonderfully weird. I have yet to meet a child that can melt your heart and make you laugh the way that Parker does. Whereas Bailey is sweet, Parker is funny. This past year PJ realized that her mouth could make “farting noises”. While most parents may be appalled, we are immature enough that it just cracks us and her siblings up. She’s the kid that you want to discipline but she is too cute and has too much personality for that to happen. Which means she will play her mother and I like a fiddle once she gets to high school! Jodie is convinced Parker misses Bailey, and with Bailey planning to drop out and go the GED route, I doubt Parker will ever attend formalized school.

As for Jodie, probably the biggest change is this past week when she has finally decided (for the final time apparently) to kick the Mountain Dew habit. While most good husbands support their spouse in these type of endeavors, those husbands must be sleeping in the basement or something. Me, I’m personally leaving her Mtn. Dew cups that used to come from Imos all over the house. When she wakes up, her Mountain Dew t-shirt has been placed on the dresser. Because right now my strong-willed wife is very easily agitated. Last night I came to bed a little later than her and when I laid down I accidentally sat on her arm that was outstretched onto my side of the bed. Well you would of thought I had attempted to light her on fire in her sleep… Anyway, the moral of the story is… she is doing great on day four of no caffeine and we do support her.

Now, for the real bday gift.

This fall Bailey has begun playing soccer for the kindergarten team at Holy Redeemer. Now with me being a former college soccer player and now a high school coach, and with Jodie being a former lacrosse player we kind of had high hopes that she would be pretty good. After about 5 games we couldn’t be more proud of her. She hustles, she is always smiling, and she is having a great time. When it is all said and done that’s all you can ask for out of a sport. However, and I say this
with all the love a parent can offer his kid, she’s just not very good. Now granted, at this age, it’s herd-ball most of the time anyway so it’s hard for players to stand out, but Bailey often chooses to not go into the herd to dig the ball out. She runs so hard, but is always about 5 yards behind the play because she doesn’t want to get involved. After a few games I subltely tried to ask why she doesn’t go and try to get the ball and she responded, “we’re not supposed to take things from others.” Her comment made me laugh and believe it or not, love her mother that much more.

You see, I know I’m not a bad person, but I also know I am not a saint. I tend to have an edge that I can’t always explain. I do know a few certain things about myself that lead me to being edgy. One, I hate to lose in anything. Two, I want people, players, family, colleagues to work at my pace, not theirs. And three, I tend to be very selfish at times. But, with Jodie there is no edge, just kindness.

Bailey is the most kind and caring kid you will ever meet, just like her mom. There is something to Jodie that very few individuals possess. She literally does not think of herself. If she has to work until 2:00 am to get pictures edited she will do that and not think much of it. She does not let her emotions drive her actions as I tend to do. She is the calming presence that every family and home needs. She will also meet you where you are and not where she is if that makes any sense. She’s the type of friend that country singers sing about. All in all, she makes our family better, our kids better and even me a better person.

Bailey will learn soon enough that you do take things from people, whether it’s right or wrong. She will also learn that the world is not always this nice, sweet place that her mother has made for her. That sometimes she will get pushed down and sometimes people will be cruel to her on purpose. She will have to learn how to respond to undesirable situations as she gets older and then maybe my edginess will wear off on her. But for right now, I admire the traits that Jodie has passed on to our kids. I couldn’t be more proud of my wife, my life, and my family. Our life isn’t always perfect, but our kids are pretty damn close. Thanks to my wife for that.

Happy 31st Jod!