If you watched the video yesterday or went back to read Emma’s story you know how awesome this family is. But what we didn’t talk much about is their extended family. Mandy’s sister, Becky, graduated high school with me and their little sister, Ali, was in my sister’s grade. So I’ve known these guys forever. We were reacquainted though a couple of years ago when Becky booked me for a family session… since then they’ve graced this blog too much to count! Their most recent session HERE and still some of my favorite newborn shots!

Anyway, the three sisters have equally awesome husbands and it was so great to see them all together! Big family sessions can be SO hard but this was one a pleasure! It was fun and lighthearted and full of laughter! Just take a look at the photos…

Let’s start this sneak peek off with Emma… the reason everyone was together!

Those are Mandy’s three kiddos… super sweet!

Becky’s family… this photo below is one of my favorite family photos ever! Nick sticking out his tongue kills me!

The mom and dad that survived three girls! HA! They are so awesome!

Ali’s family… Izzy was SUCH a cute baby! Smiling non-stop! Except of course, in this photo! HA!

Thanks Streb family! It’s always fun and I just hope we were able to celebrate Emma in a way that blesses you all!