I took this photo of Bailey yesterday while we were playing and I thought it was a great way to announce the winner of our January Fresh Favorites!

HA! She said, “Look how BIG I can make my eyes Mommy!” And of course I had her do it again for the camera!

So miss Bailey is here to tell you that this little guy is the winner!


And we hope his sweet Momma, Tina, is this happy to hear the news!

Tina, email Kim to pick your prize! Congrats!


So yesterday the kids and I were playing hard and I managed to actually get the camera out and capture some of our day. That hasn’t happened much lately b/c when it’s super dark and gloomy outside it’s even darker inside… and I am still a stickler about only shooting my kiddos with natural light! I got some fun photos I’ll show you another day because what I need TODAY is some help from YOU!

See, I’ve been planning a Valentine’s session with my girls so I can make their little cards to pass out at preschool. And the session involved old book pages, hearts, tutus… it would have been lovely. But then yesterday, well, I got REAL photos of the girls and decided it would just be more fun and more REAL to use those photos!

But I need a caption! A funny Valentine greeting to add to the photos and last night I could come up with NOTHING!

So PLEASE! Help a mommy out! Leave a comment on this post today with your best idea for a Valentine caption for both Bailey and Parker’s photos and I will  paint for you my new favorite Valentine craft that’s just for moms! Of course I have no photo, so you’ll have to just trust me, but I will have it shipped out by the end of the week! And I’m planning on getting photos up of this craft this week too. TRUST ME, it’s cute!

And just to get your opinion…. so I think it would be funny to use those photos, but I also got two cute ones yesterday so please tell me if I’m crazy for wanting their cards to be funny and should instead use these…

What do you think?

I still think funny…


A sneak peek for little Lauren will be on the blog later today and please don’t forget to go leave love for the amazing women over on The Fresh Reflection!