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I was going to introduce this family by telling you I met them at church or something equally as innocent but Gina dared me to tell the truth so here goes…

I’ve dated two men in my life. One I am married to and the other I’m not.

And thank goodness because Nate married Gina and I adore her! Truly, whenever we run into each other we could talk for hours! And I was so excited when she mentioned to me one day at the park that she wanted a Fresh Art gift card for Mother’s Day! Her little man Wyatt is adorable and I thought it would be so much fun to capture this family the way Kim and I can… ex-boyfriend or not!

So the funniest part is that EVERYONE but Gina and I thought it a tad strange! HA! It’s now become the biggest joke between us and I love her for that!

Gina this is for you. A snapshot of your sweet family. Your perfect little boy and your adoring husband. I hope this was worth the wait!