I am totally kidding with that title up there. Thoughts on Thursday. HA! I’m just never cool enough to remember to do Ten on Tuesday or What I Wore Wednesday (sweats every week would bore you, no?) or any other cool blog thing that other cooler bloggers do. Because I’m not cool. And I’m not in any cool blogging circles. But that’s ok.

For two days I thought we had a major plumbing issue in our one and only shower/tub because the water was draining SO slowly until I realized tonight that the stopper was half-way up. I’m a total genius.

One of our awesome sitters came over for 30 minutes today so I could go run 2 miles. For free. Because she’s awesome. And I was so proud because even though my legs hurt today I ran two miles without stopping to walk (a month ago this wouldn’t have been possible) but when I told Chris tonight he said he thinks I need to up my mileage. That he bets I only burned like 100 calories or something and it’s not even doing anything. WTF? I almost punched him in the nose! He quickly recovered by telling me how thin I look and how proud he is of me right now but DUDE! Up my mileage because I’m not running enough to lose any weight? Doesn’t he know he just took any momentum and excitement I had over my own personal HUGE accomplishment and flushed it down the crapper? Ugh. Up my mileage. Shit.

So I’m at the end of three weeks and NO fountain soda. NO Mountain Dew at all either. I am drinking a TON of water with a can of orange soda here and there when I need a treat. But honestly, now that I know I’m not burning anything with my runs I think the little treats might be done too. The difference between this time and ALL the other times I’ve tried to quit is that I don’t miss it. Usually it’s a struggle every single day without my Mnt. Dew fix but this time it just kind of grosses me out. I’m working really hard right now to try and lose about 15lbs so I think that motivation is finally helping.

Thursdays are my ABSOLUTE favorite day of the week because I LOVE me some TV. Oh man! I DVR SEVEN shows on Thursday night and that gets me through until Sunday which is another favorite night! What’s funny though is that as much as I love watching tv at night (while I edit/blog/answer emails) I’m kind of looking forward to summer when my shows take a break because I have a big pile of books I’m waiting to tackle!

My kids are sick this week with this weird super high fever and crazy sore throat sickness. So I’ve had no babysitting or school this week to give me a break. Oh man. And I hope they get better soon because Sunday we have some fun plans for Mother’s Day!

Speaking of Mom’s Day… I have a few things we’re doing for our own moms that I’ll try to share next week. The kids and I got our craft on while we watched movies this week!

Ok. I just needed to chat. I tried chatting with Chris when he got home but if I talk too much about too many mundane/random things his eyes kind of glaze over and I lose him. And it’s too late to call my girl friends. So I blogged. Tomorrow night I have another sweet newborn to share on here and this weekend I’m catching up on personal photos that I got edited today while the kids watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was either edit some personal stuff or stab my eyes with a fork… why are so many kid movies SO stupid? Anyway! I hope you had a great Thursday!