I haven’t just written in a while. So here goes nothing.

I’m sitting on my bed eating homemade guacamole and pita chips. This totally freaks Chris out but I’m on top of the covers and I swear I never get crumbs anywhere! I also just started watching “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”… anyone seen it? I’m starting to get desperate as summer winds down because I work late into the night and I have NOTHING to watch anymore. So I’m resorting to actually ordering OnDemand movies which drives our bill up and ticks me off when writing the check but in the moment, like I am now, it’s wonderful.

I hosted a little church meeting at my house tonight which was so great because for the two hours after my kids went to my mom’s to spend the night and before the party started I got the entire house vacuumed, dusted, picked up and clean. On the off chance someone wanted a tour. Of our 972 sq. ft. house. The tour takes 2 minutes in case you were wondering. Of course no one wanted a tour but I can go to bed secure in the fact that the upstairs is clean and that’s nice.

My nieces are in town and we have fun plans for tomorrow! Riding the Metrolink¬† to Clayton, walking to Chipolte for lunch and riding home. I actually got the idea from a photo shoot I did years ago doing that exact same thing. I’m bringing my camera of course. Is it sad that I’m eating guac right now and dreaming of that big burrito tomorrow?

I’ve been trying my hardest to watch what I eat as I’ve been running more and going to boot camp a few days a week. Lately though it’s like I’m just watching the calories pour in my mouth. As this insane heat lingers longer and longer I feel like any ounce of will power I had is being sucked away. I want soda and pretzels 24-7. Or pita chips and guac I guess. I just can’t wrap my brain around losing the 20lbs I need to lose. It seems impossible. And on a daily or hourly basis I waver¬† between being happy as a chubby-artist-mom and wanting to be an attractive-artist-mom. Thank God I have a husband who loves me either way.

Gray has pronounced his love of my boobs. Actually this was our exact conversation:

Gray: I like those things.

Me: Huh?

Gray (pointing): Those. I like them. They’re big and round. Like a ball. I want to kick them.

Me: (HORRIFIED and speechless… I think I just walked away with my mouth hanging open)

WTH? Has this ever happened to anyone? Is he going to be scarred for life? OMG this is SO not in any parenting handbook! And it’s not like I’m walking around with a lot of cleavage or anything! I wear a sports bra half the time but maybe I need to wear two and just squish them down? ADVICE?

Has anyone noticed a decline in blogging? I feel like the die hard bloggers are still at it but I feel like lots are slowing down. And no one comments hardly anymore. Me included. I’m missing it all though. Missing having a space for my voice, commenting on other blogs, connecting with people through our blogs, etc. I’m going to start commenting more. Yes. I am. I’ll start tomorrow! HA!

I am starting to have these extreme mixed emotions about school starting. Part of me is desperate for them all to go back so I can get an actual work schedule again and get caught up. Part of me is craving the routine of school. But the other parts are finding myself spending more and more time away from the computer to be with my kids because I’ll be so sad when they go back. And dreading C’s coaching/teaching schedule again. And dreading the routine! The routine I’m craving I’m also dreading! Packing lunches everyday is my least favorite part! Anyone else struggling with this? And school starts August 13th for us! It’s coming whether I’m ready or not!

Ok, I’m almost done with another sneak peek and have 32 unanswered emails in my inbox. It’s 10pm. I need to do SOMETHING other than eat and blog tonight!