Charlie got to go home today, all 5 pounds 1 ounces of him! So in an effort to get home early tomorrow morning I went right over to do his newborn photos. However little Charlie had other plans! And in just under three hours I took three photos. Which is of course disappointing for everyone. So rather than add stress to my already exhausted friends I decided to leave and go back in the morning… extending my trip longer (THANK YOU MOM!) but hopefully getting Tony and Lauren more photos of their first son.

Before I head to bed though I just had to share the three photos that I captured… meaning this is my FOURTH post today which will give Kim lots of days to share more beach photos with us while I head home and hang with my very missed kiddos!

So this is for Lauren. My sweet and very tired friend. Who is already an incredible mom. With a caring and loving husband. And a tiny peanut in their arms. Love you guys.