I normally use the family’s last name in the post title but if I said “The Mohr Family” about 99% of the people that read this blog would think Russ and Katie not Tim and Bailey! Two different families, same name!

Tim and Bailey are amazing photographers here in St. Louis and that just stresses me out! So much pressure! They were so awesome to work with though, they all looked GORGEOUS and their girls couldn’t have been sweeter! Arie Alex and I were buddies by the end and I love that!

I’m SO not a political person but I am sucked into watching the election coverage… if I can stay up as late as I think I might just get the OTHER Mohr family on the blog tonight! HA! If not, they come tomorrow! A huge thanks to THIS adorable Mohr family… I hope you guys like your sneak peek!

Could Bailey be any more beautiful?

Ok, back to editing and election coverage! BTW… hearing Parker say “Mitt Romney and Barack Obama” with her speech impediment is the cutest thing in the entire world! HA!