This week has really sucked.

And today is Monday.

Chris still feels awful. A bit better but still really bad. If he’s up for more than 15 minutes or so his headache gets severe and he has to go lay down. He’s hoping to go to school on Wednesday but I don’t think he’ll be ready. H1N1 seriously knocks you on your ass. I had no idea.

The kids and I ALL woke up with colds. Runny noses all around. Parker is coughing. Grayson has a slight fever and some diarrhea. My head is pounding. I can’t believe I made it through a week of the swine flu and now have a cold. I feel awful and have so much to do I’m not allowed to feel this bad. Hoping tomorrow is better.

Kim is out of town and we have 9 orders coming in tonight. Kim does all of our ordering. She’s working from vacation as much as she can but I’m trying to also take care of it here first so she’s not worrying. I am NOT good at dealing with orders. This is not my normal territory and I’m doing it with half a brain. Praying I keep everything straight and can give Kim a much needed break! Thanks for your patience to our wonderful clients!

I have blown my nose 6 times since starting this post.

Our Christmas deadline is Nov 30th for orders. I have yet to have photos taken or to design our Christmas card, which means it’s not happening this year. So I think I will just put a note on last year’s cards (explaining why our kids look a year younger) that never got mailed and call it a day.

Oh. And I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not, but a few weeks ago we finally got the girl’s bunk beds. It forced us to rearrange the playroom and their bedroom and since that cleansing we spend most of our time upstairs… and it’s been awesome. Until yesterday when I sat on Parker’s bottom bunk and it broke.


(photo from my dad’s phone)

That’s right. I was just sitting there and it broke. Do you know how you feel when your ass is personally responsible for breaking an entire bed? Awesome. That’s how you feel. Just awesome.

And of course incredibly fat.

The only upside to this week so far? Seeing a photo of some friends from Spokane we haven’t seen in a LONG time…


It makes us miss the Northwest and our life there so much… but it also made Chris and I smile while talking about those days with these sweet friends.

So this week has been fairly sucktastic so far.

And that’s about all I have to say about it!