Today Grayson said “Hi Mama.”

Clear as day. On the phone with me while at my parent’s house.

They heard it, I heard it, the girls heard it and we all cheered.

Because he’s never even really said Mama before. He doesn’t really talk at all. But I know that’s my fault b/c I let him keep his paci in his mouth 24-7. Because you know, it’s just plain old quieter that way.

But hearing his sweet (and kind of deep) voice say “Hi Mama” literally melted me into a puddle.

And it was exactly what I needed tonight, as I was calling to say goodnight to the kids. Because MAN what a day we’ve had.

A day that is ending with me asking for prayers for Chris. Lots and lots of prayers as he is in the hospital with viral meningitis.

Or what they think is viral meningitis as we won’t get the spinal tap results until tomorrow night.

No matter what it is, he is one sick guy and I would love to ask for prayers on his behalf. Or on my behalf because frankly, I could use them too.

I’m exhausted but wanted to get this prayer request sent out to all our amazing blog readers before going to bed. I will update you as we learn more.

Oh, and tomorrow is Parker’s birthday. My little girl is turning 3 and we barely get to celebrate. Luckily she’ll be happy with a pancake breakfast at Grandma’s and my hastily wrapped packages in the morning before I head back to the hospital! And we can celebrate next week when C is better.

Thanks in advance for the prayers… I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t appreciate what these prayers can do!

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