Remember all of our Shoot for Seamus photos? The cute families in the alley, the adorable babies in the NICU and the fun behind the scenes?

There were just a few shots we haven’t shown you yet!

And MAN OH MAN have we been anxious to show you these!

In my opinion, they are the best way to brighten up a pretty dreary Tuesday!



Meet Tom.

Tom Johnston that is. Of Kirkwood.

Who turns 40 this year.

Tommy to some.

Papa Bear to others.

Husband to Sharon.

Dad to Seamus.

Afraid of the dark and chick flick lover.

Ok. That last part might not be true.

He does have a lot of chest hair though.

And maybe some on his back. Just sayin’.

He’s also become one of our best friends.

And Chris and I love him (and Sharon!).

LOVE YOU TOM! Pay backs are hell I’m sure but this was totally worth it! HA!