Thank you for the comments and emails about the Wampler family from the post this morning. The more comments the better… let’s really raise Debbie up with our thoughts and prayers. Just the thought of raising three kids ages 5 and under by myself…without Chris… well, it’s unthinkable. So please, give Debbie kind words to read right now!

And what better to post after those sweet photos just before a tragic death but a new life?


Yesterday Kim and I went to a STABLE to photograph this sweet little girl! We have LOADS more to share but just had to post this one first! She’s in her momma’s riding helmet! I mean seriously. Adorable!

And in other fun news…

We have the PICK OF THE DAY over at Color Inc (one of our favorite photo labs)!

Go HERE to see my little people! And PLEASE leave a comment! Let’s show them some blog love please!!! PLEASE!!!

It is a rainy cold day here and it’s been a BUSY one. I will try my hardest to get back to emails as fast as I can but my 30th birthday celebrations start tonight, we have three sessions tomorrow and then we’re taking the day off Sunday. Call my cell if I haven’t gotten back to you and you really need me!!! 314-541-9944

Have a great weekend!

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