I post 99% of our family photos HERE but wanted to pop on today to show you this:

It’s super grainy b/c I cropped WAY in from another photo simply b/c Grayson won’t let me get close to his teeth right now. But if you look closely, you will see his TWO chipped teeth from a simple fall he had Wednesday night.

Is it bad that the second it happened and we knew he was fine that all I could think about is how AWFUL he’s going to look in photos now? HA! I even asked the dentist if she could just pull it out! I’m sure she thought I was a lunatic b/c I wasn’t jumping up and down at the fact that he’s fine and will just have a chipped tooth that may turn gray in the next few months. Um. Sorry. No.

Oh my little hoosier baby!

And THAT my friends is my HAPPY SPRING BREAK post!

Kim’s family will be getting back from vacation soon and we’re going to start enjoying our stay-cation tonight! It’ll be a bit quiet here for another week while we finish enjoying our families and the break from school! I will be posting on our personal blog but this one might have crickets for a few days!

Also, a big congrats to Claire who won the popular vote for the spring photo! Kim and I will talk about it later this week once she’s home as to which is our favorite and will announce it later next week! Thanks for voting!