I feel a little strange posting this right on top of my boudoir post! A tad inappropriate maybe? HA! Keeping it real folks. Keeping it real.

So at the very last second after hemming and hawing about this for days I’ve decided to just jump out there and offer these sessions. I was hesitant because I don’t want the less expensive price to detract from the very awesome value of our full session. But then I realized that this is a great add-on for the year for any family that may have already booked our full session! OR if our normal session isn’t in your budget right now (which I TOTALLY understand) then this is a great way to get some fun shots of your kids from a professional! I feel like either way it’s a win-win for everyone so I’m officially announcing these insanely last minute mini sessions!

Oh and in an effort to TRULY keep it real I put in a grammar mistake just for you. No really. I swear I did it on purpose and not just because I was working quick and careless. See if you can find it!



Saturday January 21st starting at 9am. Two sessions per hour. At our studio in Kirkwood (please read the menu option titled “our studio” to see where we work and WHY). Session times will fill at a first come (first paid) first served so email quick! These can be for individual kids or siblings but rarely will we have time for both (unless your kids are incredible well behaved!) and these are NOT for families (no adults allowed!) or any babies under 6 months. Let me know if you have any questions!

OH! And I’ll have LOTS of handmade kid Valentine ideas there to give you some ideas on what you can do with your images! Something like THESE:

Lots of fun stuff!

Who’s in?