Thanks to Eye Candy Overlays and Designaglow we were able to play around with our Valentine mini session photos to make cute wallet sized valentine’s for the kids to give to friends and family! Taking my kids out asap for some shots so we can do this to hand out at preschool this year!


Kim and I used overlays, our own drawings and other digital items to create a few free printables for your kids! Perfect coloring pages for Valentine’s Day!

Go HERE to download the free PDFs!


Thanks for all your comments from last night. They were just what I needed. And if I had it in me I would email all of you to thank you personally b/c they each touched me. And truly, I just appreciate you all sharing your lives with me. It makes it easier to admit things like that on the internet!


Today was a long day that started great with a fun newborn session and ended in us finding out, after almost 3 hours at the doctor, that Bailey has asthma also. Which means maintenance drugs for her as well as Parker. And we also found out that Parker is “breaking through” her maintenance drugs which is a bad thing. Our pediatrician said she’s not sure what else we can do so we have to call the allergy specialist in the morning. Aside from a very severe case of asthma, she tossed out the fact that the allergist may decide to test her for Cystic Fibrosis. It’s a long shot but cases like hers have been known to happen I guess. The testing would only come as a last ditch effort to figure out what’s happening.

It scares the shit out of us. We’re both assuming it’s just a really severe case of asthma but once you hear something scary like that it’s hard to get it out of your head. No matter how far fetched it is. Chris is mad she brought it up at all and I guess I kind of like knowing the worst case senario. I don’t really know what to think tonight actually.

I’m exhausted, I’m scared, I’m worried and I’m just trusting that God has a plan for our family and it includes Parker having a long and healthy life. If you wouldn’t mind, I would love some prayers while we seek additional advice from a specialist and try to put our trust in the Lord.