Oh yes. I’m serious.

Except it wasn’t really a WE as much as a HE, since it was Chris that accidentally locked Grayson in the car all alone! But of course, as you can imagine, it could have as easily have happened to me so I can’t rub it in for too long! HA!

We were having brunch with my parents/sister/kids after church and C took Gray with him to go pull the car around b/c it’s COLD here today and snowing. While we were still getting coats on the rest of the kids he came running back in to tell us that Gray was stuck in the car. We all rushed out and I called AAA who said they would take too long and it’d be better, in the weather conditions, to just call 911. So a quick call to 911 and soon THREE police cars were there trying to break into our car where a very confused/fussy/stuck/cold Bubba was anxiously waiting!

It took about 10 minutes, 20-30 total and we had our guy on the way home! What a way to celebrate the LOVE holiday then to lock your sweet boy in the freezing cold car!


If you haven’t been following the Staker Family story, go HERE and watch the video… it will explain everything and WHEW DOGGIES it will make you cry! A good good cry though. Perfect for this holiday is a true miracle!


And to finish off this random post a hilarious photo our little Valentine, Gretchen, sent us!

She will be in front of our lenses tomorrow when we do her 3 month photos, part of The Baby Plan and we can’t wait to see her! Maggie is so great and sends us photos via her iPhone to show us what Gretchen’s been up to! SO fun to watch our babies grow!

And in case you’re wondering about the super cute craft.. Maggie used craft foam for the heart glasses and pipe cleaners to connect it all! SO CUTE!


I hope at least some of you are doing something WITHOUT your children tonight! Chris has a game and I’m taking the kids (after naps) to the wake of my mom’s cousin.  Neither can be helped but I will admit I’m wishing we could go see a movie or something at least!