Ok ladies! I was at Target today and Christmas was all but gone and the Valentine decorations were coming out! That means it’s time to start thinking of doing something special for your hubby/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever AND even more importantly something special for yourself!

We have a suite at the Ritz Carlton booked for Saturday January 7th and an awesome introductory priced boudoir session! Only $350 for everything! Katie Mohr, stylist extraordinaire, will be there and we have lots of fun things planned! Think treats and drinks and music and well, we’re going to do everything we can to make the day FUN and comfortable AND relaxing! Katie and I are SO excited!

Who doesn’t want to hang out with me and Katie at the Ritz? I mean seriously.

AND if you need to go shopping (1-2 outfits is plenty plus shoes/accessories and Katie can help with hair/make-up!) we can certainly help you with ideas! Just let us know if you want some help! OR you might have something you’ve been saving that’s perfect!

I did a session with my sister and she gave her husband a little album for Christmas… ABBIE PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND TELL EVERYONE ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE!

Please email me with any questions!

Oh, and the ladies that have booked already had the question about needing to be sneaky about payments (sending in one check would send up red flags for the hubs) so I’m working out payment plans… totally fine for this kind of session!