AND get some cute photos of your kids?

We are having a Valentine’s Day mini session event at MY house! There will be babysitters in our playroom for the kids, the ones not getting their photo taken at that moment, snacks for all, juice boxes for the kids and maybe some wine for the moms! We’ll empty out our dining room art room, have our mini studio set up and take some fun Valentine’s Day photos of your kids!

Super simple, super quick and super fun for ALL! You are welcome to leave your kids in the playroom for a little while and chat with other WOMEN! You know, in person! Not on the phone with a kid at your feet whining for a snack and the babysitter TV blaring in the background while you try to make dinner. You might actually get to meet new friends and hold REAL conversations! Can you even imagine?

January 16th from 9am-3pm. 20 minute sessions with individual children only… no sibling shots… 10-12 images in an online gallery.  And the best part? It’s only $50! AND you get a free 5×7!

AND we’ll have your galleries ready the following week so we can get orders placed and ready to go for Valentine’s Day!

So come, chat, hang out, get some great photos, meet other women, bring your best friend, get a break from your kids, drink some wine and well, have fun!

January 16th from 9am-3pm!

Email us to get on the list!

{Gorgeous Ainsley Murphy and some Vol.25 overlays}

And just to tease you… we may or may not be talking with the incredible Jessica Rose about some Valentine’s overlays to use on our mini session photos! AND we may or may not be working with a few other artists on AWESOME Valentine’s Day card designs! So awesome!