Sometimes I get hired to get some good shots of a family to update their walls and family albums. Sometimes they just want that one killer shot for a Christmas card. There are times they want to capture a milestone like a first birthday or celebrate the simple act of sitting up alone. Sometimes they hire me to capture their everyday lives so in twenty years they can look back and truly remember all of those tiny moments that happen each day. Those are good sessions!

THEN there are the times when I am invited in to capture a moment in their family history that will forever change who they are. Like a wedding or a birth. OR what I got to do yesterday. When I stood among so much palpable love I just couldn’t believe that God had blessed me with this as my job.  It was all kinds of awesome.

Amy and Matt welcomed their third child, Lily, home yesterday as they stepped off a plane and walked into the arms of their family and friends. Their story is theirs to share so I’ll just let the images tell this small part of Lily’s much bigger story!

Congratulations you guys! I couldn’t be happier for you all!