Oh man do I have a sweet treat for you on this rainy Friday! Libby was so sweet and so pretty and so fun to work with this week! She’s is TEENY tiny at only 5lbs, she was hungry and really hated being moved/posed BUT in the midst of all of that we managed to get one of my favorite galleries! Her mom mentioned that when their son was a newborn they had photos done in all black and white and while they adore those images she wanted something a little brighter, girly and colorful! I love that! And I really hope we nailed it for this awesome family!

Ok, I have to start out with Brady! He was one of our favorite three year old kiddos ever! SO articulate and so funny and so cooperative! Most young siblings have just had their worlds rocked and aren’t so into getting their photos taken so we have to break out the big guns (bribes!) but not Brady! As long as I pushed him in the swing outside he was super happy! Seriously, I can’t say enough about how awesome this little guy was!

See? Even Libby loves him already! Look at that smile!

We were SO excited when we saw that Design Aglow had used some of our images on their new Baby Photo Overlays! HERE is the link so go check them out! They are AWESOME and so versatile!

{The crown is from Naptime Knittery}

Wondering where we got that cute hat? Oh, in all the free time Kim has now that she’s not working as much she’s taught herself to knit! And she’s become super awesome at it super fast! Do crazy talented people drive you crazy as much as they do me? HA!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Chris has a big game tomorrow, I have two photo sessions and by the end of the day I think we’ll all be exhausted! I’m thinking pizza and game night ending with C and I watching a movie together! What’s on your list for the weekend?

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