Our sweet January bride, Stephanie, left a comment the other day on that awful photo I posted of myself. This is what she said:

Aren’t we funny, when we see ourselves and hear our own voices, recorded? What you see isn’t what I see– I see light drenched skin, perfect curls, and eyes the color of sun on sea water. Someone should make an entire blog, where we add our photos, and other women add what they see when they see us.

And it really hit home with me.

Because she’s right. For my entire life I’ve never looked at my mom and thought she looked fat, but I know that’s how she feels about herself. We see a woman’s BEAUTY when all they see are the microscopic problems. Aren’t we, from an early age, reassuring our girl friends that their hips aren’t too wide, their pants aren’t too tight, their hair isn’t too long, their zits aren’t noticeable? We learn, early on, to only see the good in our friends b/c that’s what they need us to see for them. Because we are ALL just too damn hard on ourselves.

So I want to try this idea. Stephanie’s idea.

Every once in a while I will post a photo or two of recent women we’ve photographed. And I’m going to ask you to comment about what YOU see in them. And if you actually know them in real life, all the better. But even as strangers connected through the internet I know we can all find great beauty in each other.

SO I’ve chosen two women to start with.

The first, is Stephanie herself!

And the next is a woman that might really need a pick-me-up right now. She’s about to deliver TRIPLETS and I know she’s feeling huge and ready to pop!


So please leave a comment and tell these women what beauty YOU see. What makes them unique? What makes them beautiful?

Let’s raise each other up! And if you have a friend or family member that needs some encouragement right now, for whatever reason, please email me at jodie(at)freshartphotography(dot)com their photo and I will include it in future posts like this one!