I am at least a week behind in a million things. If I owe you an email or anything please bear with me. Grayson has an ear infection and probable pneumonia. Parker has an ear infection which has triggered an awful cough and bad asthma. Bailey has probable pneumonia. Tomorrow I’m hoping to finally get them in to our doctor after my sweet friend who is an amazing pediatrician came over Monday night to listen to them, give them her best diagnosis (hard to diagnose pneumonia for sure with a chest xray) and start them all on antibiotics and steroids. We have been filling our days with keeping the kids busy but calm b/c every time they even walk up the stairs they start coughing. I also feel like a human medicine cabinet b/c I administer some kind of drug three times a day. Oh and the breathing treatments. If I never have to use a nebulizer again it will be too soon… and I know we have a few more days of constant treatments I’m sure.

Anyway, bear with me!

Poor guy. He’s my most sick but Bailey’s cough is also so darn persistent and although Parker has the most energy her cough is so bad too. UGH! Can’t wait to have a healthy house of kids!