I’m thinking about taking the kids out of daycare and preschool and homeschooling for the rest of the year.

Thinking about it.

And in an effort to see if I can handle it, we took today off, kind of, and have had the ultimate mommy day. Filled with art projects and games, emails and editing, cooking and dancing, keys locked in cars and walks in the rain, tears and laughter. And naps. Glorious naps.

Naps that allowed me to throw this video together.

A video that shows why I want my kids with me as much as possible right now, when they’re little, b/c life moves so so quickly and I’ll never get this time back.

a mommy day from jodie allen on Vimeo.

As an aside… since having Gray I bet I’ve gained at least 20lbs. I say BET b/c I truly have no idea. It could be closer to 50lbs for all I know. And this weight gain means I HATE seeing myself on the other side of the lens. HATE it. But I know, deep down, below where I can’t stop looking at my fat belly and double triple chins is the place that knows my kids don’t see a chubby mom (in pjs at 10am), they just see their mom. And I want my kids to see me with them. Having fun. Enjoying life. Just being together. No matter how I feel about myself. And I hope that if me showing you how I look most days when I’m home helps you realize you need to be in more photos and videos too than posting this was totally worth the internet humiliation at flaunting my weight gain!

ps… if the part with Parker and the doll head doesn’t make you laugh out loud something is wrong with you! HA!