Remember back before Christmas when we said that if you sent in a Christmas card we’d pick a winner for a free Love Light session? Didn’t I say we’d pick it by Christmas Eve or something?

Have I ever told you I have the BEST of intentions and the WORST follow-through sometimes?

So Merry Christmas to TWO couples!

If these cards belong to YOU contact me at [email protected] to pick a date for your Love Light! SO fun!


Let’s make it THREE!

Jordan Parks sister, Leslie, sent in a card too so if Jordan and Leslie want to do a Love Light TOGETHER let’s do it!  A Love Light session with two couples should be SO much fun!

That’s THREE Love Lights!

Because 1. we had over 50 enteries!!! and 2. it’s not REALLY Christmas anymore and we feel bad it took us so long to announce this winner! Sorry guys!

AND while we’re on a giving roll lets just announce the THREE winners we picked for the one hour phone mentoring session!

Oh yes. We said THREE!

We had a great session today and are feeling super happy so we decided to offer to chat with three lovely ladies!

First up is STEPH M.! We KNOW what it feels like to be in it alone trying to make huge decisions! It’s HARD. So you will be chatting with Kim! Email her at [email protected] to work out a good time to chat!

Second is COURTNEY! I get to chat with you about all things marketing or whatever else. We also get rebranding and starting from scratch! Taking two businesses and making a new one was HARD but we’re so happy now! Plus marketing is like Mnt Dew to me! I LOVE it!

And last but not least we wanted to pick DONNA b/c she’s a St. Louis girl too! We obviously LOVE newborn photography and will share all we can! We feel crazy strong about not being competitive. There are enough clients to go around and so we’re not scared to share anything with someone in our own back yard. We believe that the industry can only get better if we all help one another! So DONNA! How does lunch one day sound??? Email me at [email protected] to see if we can find a good time to get together!

Thanks to everyone that ever enters one of our giveaways! We know everyone can’t win but we wish you could! That’s why we couldn’t just pick one winner! Stay tuned b/c although we’re not personally giving anything else away this week, we WILL have a fun week of giveaways! Maybe two weeks! Or three depending on how fast I can get around to blogging everything! HA!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Check tomorrow for a sweet little newborn girl to hit the blog!