Kim created the awesome video you’re about to watch… which you should by the way…because it’s great! And she emailed me late last night to tell me she’d finished it and put it on the blog for me to post so I immediately stopped editing and watched it. And laughed and cried. And about half-way through it I realized that I wasn’t thinking about our clients… whom we love and adore and are so so so grateful they trusted US with their memories and so thankful they came along on this new Fresh Art adventure with us… but instead, I was thinking about Kim.

Because for every photo that we place on this blog and every gallery we give to clients, there is a whole lot more going on behind the scenes. And I found myself watching that video and remembering those moments.

The moments during our first sessions when we really didn’t know each other that well and tripped over our words and ideas and thoughts all just trying to get our opinion about a shot to the other person, without stepping on toes or fingers or feelings, because we were getting to know each other and working it out. Seeing how many sessions we’ve had and laughing about how much money we’ve spent in sodas and snacks, because we ALWAYS stop on the way to a session for a soda! Seeing shots we are unbelievably proud of and knowing I never would have gotten to this place without Kim. Laughing about the mishaps, the mistakes, the weather, the inside jokes, the stories. Seeing the photos from Chicago and ALL the fun memories it stirred up! The crazy expensive lunches, not leaving our room, the homeless man that nearly got in my car, getting lost, the corn… it was a fun trip! Remembering the first time we slapped a high five leaving a session b/c we KNEW we’d nailed the shots… and me being SO excited b/c KIM was so excited… b/c up until that session she’d been pretty low key and I was always the spaz! All the conversations in the car, talking late at night, emailing 50 times a day… just getting to know each other so so well.

Looking at those photos was like this visual trip through our friendship. Because our partnership started out as a business relationship and has grown into a friendship. One that I didn’t realize I cherished so much until I got to walk through it all with this video. Every session we learn more about each other. The longer we work together the less we actually talk during a shoot because we know what the other is thinking. As the days and weeks and months go by the more I love the fact that we joined forces and are working together. Do I sometimes miss Jodified? Sure. Would I trade Fresh Art for anything? Never.

So to our 2009 clients… thank you for hiring us. Trusting us. Laughing with us. Understanding us when our kids/families/NILMDTS have had to come first. And for letting us travel this road with you. Because until last night, i didn’t really see how significant of a role you’ve played in our Fresh Art adventure. But with each one of you we’ve gotten better. Smoother. More confident. So thank you! Thanks for everything you’ve given to us this first (half) year.

And Kim… thanks for putting up with me! You’re one of my best friends and I can’t imagine living my passion with anyone else!