We are getting to the point in our massive basement reno where I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s awesome! My ideas are starting to come together and I can better visualize what I was dreaming about! My dad and his entire Kuhn Const. team has been AMAZING! I can’t wait to share all the photos!

Today I am throwing out something totally random at all of you…

I think I need about 100 yard sticks to finish one of my many projects down there and I have about a dozen. My mother-in-law and other friends have been hunting for me but I’m just afraid that’s going to take forever!

I am looking for old sticks with some wear and tear on them. Nothing brand spanking new. Color is ok but I prefer wood tones. Cool words are great as are advertisements!

I’d love to trade you a $5 Fresh Art gift card in exchange for any yard sticks you’d like to give me! So you could give me one for $5 or 20 for $100! If you have a RANDOM collection of yard sticks, all different that total close to 100 I will give you a free full session with the high-res disc! That is a crazy deal but I HATE HATE HATE hunting for things so it’s a great trade for me!

Email me at [email protected] if interested and please include an image of your sticks! Amy will mail out your gift card as soon as the sticks are here!

A super cute sneak peek coming later today! Now that I have my computer back I’m having a great snowy day editing!!!