Last night we had the best night of the year. And it was conceived and executed last minute and surprisingly it went off without a hitch! Perfect.

And I don’t say perfect lightly b/c when you have three small children, I’m sorry, six small children, winter coats, in+out of car seats numerous times, cold weather… it’s easy to be completely and totally NOT perfect.

But last night. Last night was perfect.

We went CAROLING. With our best friends. And my parents and Kevin’s parents, who all happen to be best friends. The same group we traveled to Florida with. The group we always sit by at church. The group we love and adore. It’s like straight out of Norman Rockwell really. And as cheesy as it is, I love it. I love looking into our future and knowing we have this group of people full of love and support forever.

And while I wait for my NEW camera to arrive I used the Flip last night and put this together…

Caroling 2009 from jodie allen on Vimeo.

It seriously makes me smile!

It was the BEST way to start all of our holiday events.

We are blessed.

Merry Christmas!