I met up with Jack and Finn in April for their newborn session and they were officially the first newborn twins I had ever photographed! They will always hold a special place in my heart! And it doesn’t hurt that I LOVE their parents! Maureen and I laugh most of the session and for some reason I talk to Andy like he’s my own husband! HA! So by the end poor Andy has been bossed around by two wives all morning!

Anyway, on Sunday Kim and I got to go hang out with them again for their 6 month photos and OMG these boys are adorable!


(Isn’t doorway light always so dreamy? Love it!)


Not a shot that is easy to get when you have two rolling babies on STAIRS but SO cute right? HA!




HA! Perfect to get us ready for our Halloween minis this Friday!

THANK YOU Maureen and Andy! I am officially in love with your boys and can’t wait to see them smash a cake at their one year shoot!


Speaking of Halloween minis… we have openings available! Let us know if you’re interested! They are THIS Friday!

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Oh twins. Oh how we love twins! Twice as hard and twice as cute! AND twice the reward when we NAIL the shot!

Like the one below! I won’t give away our secret of how we got this shot… since we ARE planning a possible newborn workshop for experienced photographers… but let’s just say IT WAS NOT EASY! HA!

BUT… I am in love with this photo!

Just imagine them in their parent’s lap at their first birthday swinging, and as they get bigger, on their own! The possibilities are endless for how you could use these swings to track these adorable babies growth! I LOVE that!


Thanks to Katie, aka MOMMY, for being SO patient with us during this shot attempt! AND for seeing our vision! AND for helping corral Teka, aka DOG! HA! I hope you love that shot as much as we do!


They also had the best backyard for photos! Awesome rocks, great shade, the swing set… it was perfect!


Oh and have I ever mentioned how much I love it when people have awesome furniture? We found this chair in their INCREDIBLE office and carried it, huffing and puffing, into the backyard! I’m sure she thought we had lost our minds but seriously! How cute are those babies?


And oh the sweetness! OH the sweetness of new baby skin!

Thanks so so much Katie for calling us last minute! We’re so glad we got to meet you and the babes! We can’t wait to share the rest of your images with you SOON!

A couple more days everyone and then our AUGUST BABY contest will be announced!


Oh man! It has been a few years since I’ve had the opportunity to capture twin babies and wow did Kim and I have fun! The BEST part is that we actually captured the older brother and sister (YES – two sets of twins!) about 6 years ago! It was so much fun to reconnect with this family!

20160523-FAP_6320_WEB 20160523freshart0003_WEB

These two were the BEST siblings ever to photograph! Super patient with us and the babies – giggled on command (when mom gave me bunny ears!) and were just the happiest kids playing in the studio all day while we worked! I ADORE them!

20160523freshart0011_WEB 20160523freshart0015_WEB 20160523freshart0027_WEB 20160523freshart0033_WEB 20160523freshart0049_WEB 20160523freshart0055_WEB 20160523freshart0057_WEB 20160523freshart0061_WEB 20160523freshart0069_WEB 20160523freshart0075_WEB 20160523freshart0077_WEB

THAT SMILE! They’re just the sweetest!

We had a great Easter! It’s a big holiday for us as we start at church, then head to my in-laws for lunch and an egg hunt followed by an afternoon Easter parade the families in my parent’s neighborhood put on and ending with another egg hunt at my parent’s house with our cousins. It’s a LONG day but filled with so much goodness! I think we’re all still recovering a bit actually!


Saturday morning I tried to take some photos of the girls in their Easter dresses but the 40 degree temps were too much for them. I hit Old Navy when it opened and got Bails a cute jean jacket and Parker a cardigan so they would be warmer and in the afternoon we tried again. That time it was steadily raining!


I just couldn’t catch a break but I got a few cute shots!





I always try to get shots of the kids with their Grandparents when we’re all together for a holiday and looking nice… usually I forget or they turn out horrible! This year I love the ones with the Allen’s and C’s grandparents but I totally forgot to get my parents in a shot when we went over there! Oh well!






And Bubba took a family photo that I don’t totally hate! I mean, Parker was squinting and who knows what Gray was doing but the shot was in focus and good enough! At least I was in it!




Terri always get the kids bubbles for Easter and I have this same shot from the last few years! I love it!



After a great lunch and a fun egg hunt at GoGo and Bubba’s we headed over to the Easter parade with the Easter Bunny! HA! He rode in the back of an old pick-up which the kids got to ride on with him and all the adults walked. Kind of random but fun!


Gray thought the sun was too bright so he wore my sun glasses the entire ride… totally cracked me up!


My friend Jen who goes to church with us lives in my parent’s neighborhood so this was the second Easter we got to spend with them! Their kids, Grace and Max, are good friends with my kiddos and had fun together during the parade and then hitting pinatas in the host’s front yard. (Jen is with her sister and mom in the above shot… they have a sweet sweet family!)


This made us all laugh so hard… look at how FIERCE my little Bailey is! She is a different kid when sports/competition comes into play!


My boys!


My mom is an only child but grew up really close to her three cousins. Now they are like my Aunts and Uncles even though they are more removed than that. I’m actually way closer to them then my Aunts/Uncles on my dad’s side. Anyway, they come to Easter with their kids and grandkids… technically we’re all cousins but we are so much closer than that! Most of why I love Easter is because i get to hang out with my cousins!



Gray was jumping and jumping for that egg on the branch (see it?) and before any of us could help him two women walking their dog past my mom’s house stopped and got it for him! It was so funny! He had random women come to his rescue! HA!


Olivia was so cute!




My cousins, Lara, and her twins, Evan and Olivia.


After dinner we got a fun game of wiffle ball going and everytime Evan hit the ball he got SO excited! It was awesome!





My “Aunt” Sue with her granddaughter, Olivia.


I handed my camera to my “Uncle” Kent so I could bat (C was pitching) and he took this shot of me! Not super flattering but I want my kids to remember that I played with them too!

Such a good day with family and friends!


I have been working on some behind the scenes work stuff this week in preparation for the seven straight days of sessions I have starting tomorrow and going through next Thursday! Whew! Good to be busy again! I also find out next week about the studio I’m hoping to get so please keep me in your prayers on that big decision!

AND I will be announcing the Momma Minis again this year soon so watch out for that date! They were super fun last year and I hope to fill the day again this year!

Tonight we have Parker’s Kindergarten Musical! Happy Thursday!

I got to meet the cutest little twins ever last week! They were SO sweet! Mom was worried about them but they were literally perfection! Thanks Bain family!

Finn and Jack were the first set of newborn twins I ever photographed! It’s so SO awesome to see them as friendly, sweet and happy three year old boys now in preschool! They are also great big brothers to Caroline who is a spunky little one year old! I say this a lot but the best part of my job is watching families grow!

This was really Caroline’s one year session but she wasn’t quite as interested in having me photograph her as the boys were!

They were SO easy!

Since she didn’t want to be without her Momma, her Momma got it the shots with her and OH I am SO glad she did! Maureen I LOVE these photos with you and your kiddos!

I love these! KIM I think I need something like this before my kids get too big! I’ll come to you friend!

And yes, Caroline DID smile and yes I captured it! I have to save some for their gallery though!

THANK YOU Maureen! I had so much fun trying to catch squirrels with the boys! You have some of the cutest and sweetest kids around!


A few weeks ago (that’s how far behind in sneak peeks I am!) I had the awesome opportunity to photograph Janel for her book cover that’s coming out soon! She wrote a cook book for pregnant women and since she’s pregnant herself we waited until she was popped enough and then threw together this photo session! Between Janel’s creativity, her super awesome friend Francie, Katie’s styling and then me we had a great team! We shot this in Francie’s incredible home which worked out great because we had Janel’s sweet Mother-in-law there helping with Janel’s son, Mark, but we also had Francie’s 14 year old twins home to help us too! It seems like such a simple session when you look at the images but there was really a lot of work that went into it! We wanted a vintage+clean feel to the images and I’m really proud of what we pulled off!

Does his little face looking up at his momma just kill you? Totally my favorite shot of the day!

A huge thanks to Janel for trusting me with her book cover! And another huge thanks to all the hands that made this go so smoothly!

ps… for the photogs out there wondering… I didn’t use any actions on these images but instead followed a lot of what Erin Cobb teaches in her Clean Color editing technique. Just wanted to give credit where credit was due!

We were SO lucky to meet up with the Jones family! Heather and Dave are awesome… super laid back and SO fun to work with! And their one year old twins, Ruby and Scarlet? Perfection! SO cute and so easy to get smiles from! It was such a great morning we hope to work with them again and again!

Dave and Heather… we hope you LOVE your sneak peek!

Could Ruby or Scarlet get any cuter?  (We will be linking to the ETSY shop that sells those teeny tiny bows soon!)


My favorite shot of the day was one of the very last… finding that “everything was beautiful” was a total fluke but I love it!

Heather and Dave… you guys were SO easy and fun to work with! Thank you so much for choosing us to capture your family as they are today! We can’t wait to watch Ruby and Scarlet grow!

UPDATE: We are MOVED IN! The kids are sleeping in their beds for the first time right now and Chris and I are both working+lounging after yet another super long day! Once I get everything put away I’ll share photos!

Ok guys… we are on day three of marathon MOVE IN TO OUR NEW HOUSE and I can barely keep my eyes open! For a month I’ve been trying to do too many things on too little sleep and I’m just done. Funny thing, I’m finding out that the more tired I get the more emotional I get! I’m crying at everything and feeling SO sentimental right now. I think a lot of it has to do with thinking back on the memories we’ve had at all the other places we’ve lived in our six (almost seven) years of marriage and how at our new home the kids aren’t so little anymore. The memories we’ll make here will be incredible, I know that, but when I think back to their baby days it’s a different home. Looking back and looking forward has me a blubbery mess this week!

Anyway, we have until Monday when the kids come home from my sister’s house to get everything done… SO… if I owe you an email please be a little more patient! We are at the home stretch and I can’t wait to share everything we’ve been working on with you all!

Now… to refresh this blog I thought sharing two of the most gorgeous high school seniors would be a good idea! Are there any other women out there that see today’s high school girls and wonder why we never looked this good? I mean seriously! Anna and Victoria are stunning. Kim and I just kept smiling at each other throughout the session which acted like a silent HIGH FIVE because we just knew their images would be gorgeous! SO easy to work with and since I started photographing them four years ago they have grown into beautiful girls both inside and out! I can’t wait for you to see all their images so without further blabbering from me…

I told their mom, Nancy, that she had REALLY good genes! Twins girls so beautiful! Thanks Nancy, Anna and Victoria for trusting us with your senior photos… we had such a great night with you all! AND thanks for being patient while we moved to see your sneak peek!

Oh man. FOUR busy boys. Two of them twins. Twenty minutes.

Hard? Yes.

Were they awesome? YES!

And do we love their mom Carrie? YES YES YES!

I told her that if she could get all four of them to sit still for the session she’d win mom of the year and she totally deserves it!